DIY Mediterranean Buddha Bowl

Eating good has never been simpler thanks to this delicious DIY Mediterranean Bowl created by Abby from The Balanced Whisk. Featuring wholesome ingredients like carrots, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and hearty chicken, this Mediterranean bowl will leave you satisfied and feeling great. Plus, thanks to the ease of our new keto bowls, it can be thrown together in minute. 

You’ll Need:

● Happi Foodi Mediterranean Inspired Chicken Keto Bowl
● Pickled onions
● shredded carrots
● crispy chickpeas
● sunflower seeds
● tzatziki dressing

Heat the Mediterranean Inspired Chicken Keto Bowl according to package directions. Gather the ingredients above; the amount can be measured as desired. Add the bowl and all other ingredients to a large bowl and season to taste with salt and paper. Mix everything together and enjoy!

Want a step-by-step video? Click here to see how Abby creates this yummy bowl.